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Merit Brewing - By & By

Merit Brewing - By & By

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**PLEASE NOTE: Due to Ontario liquor sales licensing restrictions, all wine & beer orders must also include food. We will be unable to fulfill orders that do not include food items.

Meritage Tripel w. Pinot Noir & Cab Franc
Brewery: Merit Brewing Company
Country: Canada
ABV: 9.5% 


From the Brewery: "There are beers you drink fast. And then there’s By and By Meritage Tripel with Pinot Noir and Cab Franc, aged on grapes from Fielding Estates Winery and Rosewood Winery! Remember last year, when it flooded your mouth with flavour? It still does! A shining ruby red pour packed with aromas of rose, grape bubble tape and cherry, exploding with juicy grape jelly flavour with a gentle tannic essence and ending crisp and dry with a puckering intensity that you can feel in your cheeks. It's just too good to gulp!"