Revel Cider - Ostara: Dandelion

Revel Cider - Ostara: Dandelion

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 Fruit Cider
Brewery: Revel Cider
Country: Canada
ABV: 6.9%

From the Producer:

"Plums and petals are two of our favourite things. Like all ingredients we use, both are fleeting. Transient yet punctual in their annual rhythms.

This version of Ostara was made with 250g/L Golden Plums. To it, we added 99lbs of wild dandelions, foraged by our friend Nicolas Querques.

It has a shockingly intimate dandelion aroma - if you made a pillow out of dandelions and stuck your face in it, this is what it would smell like. 

Bright plant acids, with a remarkable sweetness and texture imparted from the pollen.

Spontaneously fermented with our native microflora."